Crazy Gears


Price: $2.99

App Objective: This puzzle game harnesses gear and mechanical processes to increase critical thinking. Childe can build and play with different interactive objects (e.g., chains, pulleys), while a progressive sequence of challenges introduces to the theories (from physics to coding) of the famous scientist and programmer Seymour Papert.

Content: Mathematics, Science

SubDomain: Reasoning & Problem Solving, Physical Sciences

Audience: Primary, Upper Elementary

Disability Category Tag(s): Autism, Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, Multiple Disabilities, Specific Learning Disability

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Admin reviewed at 2016-11-17

Practice: Yes, with paid

Does the application provide many (i.e., at least 5) practice opportunities before moving on to the new concept or skill? Practice opportunities are essential because they increase the likelihood that the student will permanently remember the new information, and enhance the student’s ability to generalize learned skills to other settings. Choose the option which best describes the app.

Feedback: No

Are students notified of each correct/incorrect response and given the correct answer? Providing students with feedback is important because it helps them learn how to identify mistakes and self-correct errors. It also ensures that they correctly practice/acquire a given skill or concept. Choose the option which best describes the app.

Progress: Yes, with paid

Is progress detected by the application’s tracking system? Progress monitoring is a critical educational component because it helps educators utilize student data in making decisions regarding instructional practices. Additionally, research indicates that when progress monitoring is utilized, teachers’ decision-making processes improve and students become more aware of their own performances and learning processes. Choose the option which best describes the app.

Usability: Yes, with paid

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Customization: No

Can the application be customized easily for an individual student? Having the ability to customize an app is necessary in order to meet the unique needs of app users, including those with special needs. Choose the option which best describes the app.

CrazyGears’s experience relies on interactive puzzles based on gears and objects such as chains and rods. By combining them in the right way, game levels are pulled according to an increasing difficulty and progressive themes. In proceeding through the app, concepts like gravity, rotation, friction and tension are introduced and strengthened. Each challenge is touch-based and harnesses a clear and intuitive design, which supports the activity without distractions and facilitates the interaction for individuals with special needs. Moreover, the thematic groups of levels are well structured and planned. This program is particularly effective in single-student interactions and working at home. A reserved area is included for educators and parents in order to customize settings, access guides and instructions, and monitor students’ performance. Regardless, a Seven Academy account (free) is required to handle multiple profiles, have a direct communication with development and conduct assessments in real-time. Settings for users with cortical blindness are included. [version 1.3]

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