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Jay Buzhardt

Jay Buzhardt (KS)

External Advisory Board

Dr. Jay Buzhardt earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Auburn University in 1996; then, he specialized in Child Development, Psychology and Behavioral Analysis during his master degree, doctorate and post-doc at the University of Kansas, where since 2011 he works as Associate Research Professor with a significant involvement in the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project. His interests and research activities focus on how technology and digital media can be implemented in learning practices and processes. He is author of many peer-reviewed articles, presentations, books and book chapters about this topic and related issues. Furthermore, he is member of several directive and scientific boards of institutions aimed to improve technological Integration in education (e.g., Behavioral Technologies, Century School, Inc., AB-Pathfinder). In 2013 he received the Investigator of the Year Award by UK Life Span Institute.