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About SpedApps

The overarching mission of the project is to develop a deeper understanding of the role of mobile applications in Special Education. The project team is currently working on three main goals: a) develop a catalog of existing apps for special education as well as any studies that document the use of mobile learning in special education; b) conduct additional research studies with apps given current gaps in the literature; and c) develop new apps for mobile learning within special education, specifically focusing on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) content.

Our Project Team

Rick Ferdig'image

Rick Ferdig

Principal Investigator:RCET
Pena Bedesem'image

Pena Bedesem

Co-PI: Special Ed
Sanna Harjusola-Webb'image

Sanna Harjusola-Webb

Co-PI: Special Ed
C.C. Lu'image

C.C. Lu

Co-PI: Comp. Science
>Frank Sansosti'image

Frank Sansosti

Co-PI: School Psych
Karl Kosko'image

Karl Kosko

Mathematics Education
Bridget Mulvey'image

Bridget Mulvey

Science Education
Kristy Pytash'image

Kristy Pytash

Literacy Education
Jay Buzhardt'image

Jay Buzhardt (KS)

External Advisory Board
Kaybeth Calabria'image

Kaybeth Calabria (OH)

External Advisory Board
Kara Dawson'image

Kara Dawson (FL)

External Advisory Board
Jan Rogers'image

Jan Rogers (OH)

External Advisory Board
Kara Rosenblatt'image

Kara Rosenblatt (TX)

External Advisory Board
Annette Kratcoski'image

Annette Kratcoski

Project Staff
Enrico Gandolfi'image

Enrico Gandolfi

Project Staff
Rachel Mathews'image

Rachel Mathews

Project Staff
Xiqian Han'image

Xiqian Han

Chang Shu'image

Chang Shu



Rachel Koze'image

Rachel Kozy

Graphic Design
Samantha Mix'image

Samantha Mix

Graphic Design
Bryan Rinnert'image

Bryan Rinnert

Gretchen Rinnert'image

Gretchen Rinnert

Phillip Rumrill'image

Phillip Rumrill

Affiliated Faculty
Brian Barber'image

Brian Barber

Affiliated Faculty
Melody Tankersly'image

Melody Tankersly

Affiliated Faculty
Divyank Vemulapalli

Divyank Vemulapalli